Chemical Products

We don't believe that products alone are enough. For 20 years we have aimed to give the best customer service in our industry - combining technical knowledge and industry experience to provide a service that is second to none. Unlike our competitors our aim is to reduce your operating costs and improve your efficiency by offering products specifically designed to be more effective, even at lower than average concentrations.

Our chemical portfolio is infinite but we have broken it down to the following categories:

  • Raw Products

    We can supply all chemicals in their raw form - please call us with your enquiry.
  • Biological Range

    The spearhead of our portfolio is our biological range. Our specialised technology and market expertise gives you the guarantee of optimal results and long lasting stability. Our concentrated blends consist of a combination of bacterial cultures which have the highest level of biological activity in the industry.
  • Building Industry Products

    We supply a diverse range of products into the building sector to facilitate the removal of dirt and cement residues from bricks, stonework and patios. Each product has been specifically tailored to rapidly remove such deposits without compromising the actual brickwork, thereby restoring the given area to its original state.
  • Waste Oil Treatment

    Our comprehensive and effective range of oil demulsifiers, coalescing agents and de-ashing compounds provide an exceptionally effective means of treatment of waste oils.
  • Waste Water Treatment

    Since waste water treatment is high priority in most industrial sectors it is essential to use effective products with the best support services. We have excellent experience in this area and have access to products that complement that experience.
  • Aqueous Cleaners

    We also produce a range of highly effective Aqueous Cleaners, which can be applied in spray washing machines, agi-dips, ultrasonic cleaning baths, soak tanks.
  • Cleaning Solvents

    Our range of solvents and degreasing agents has been formulated to provide the customer with the widest choice possible. Not only has the range been designed to give maximum performance, it also provides cost effective solutions and environmentally acceptable options.
  • Biocides/Sanitizers

    Our range has been carefully selected to contain active materials of known effectiveness and, wherever possible environmental acceptability. The products are broad spectrum in activity but individually they have enhanced activity against major microbial contaminants.
  • Paint strippers

    Our cutting edge range incorporates products based on conventional chlorinated solvents together with those based on more environmentally acceptable alternatives. As such, the customers can choose the most suitable product for their specific applications in line with company policies on environmental, health and safety issues.
  • Hotel/Marine/Industrial/Transport chemicals

    Our extensive range of products go beyond kitchens, bars and industrial environments and include heavy Oil Degreasers, Janitorial Products, Specialist Cleaning Products, Fibreglass and Rib Cleaners/Polishers and Traffic Film Removers - Please contact our dedicated and experienced team with your requirements.
  • Swimming Pools

    Swimming & hot tubbing are great leisure time activities but only if the water is hygienic and sparkling clean. Water treatment using top quality Swimming Pool chemicals is a fundamental basis to swimming pool maintenance. We have a large selection of the top quality swimming pool chemicals along with pool testing equipment and consumables - everything you need under one roof to maintain a healthy and balanced pool or Spa.