Corroseal products

Rust is no longer an issue with Corroseal Rust Converting Primer, which eradicates rusting and primes in one simple step.

Corrosealcorroseal is formulated to be used in the marine industry, a tough environment for coatings. Some of the key elements of Corroseals are as follows:

– Reduces labour costs and time
– Is able to convert rust on contact
– Acts as a primer on old paint
– Allows any colour top coat
– Environmentally friendly

The application fo Corroseal can be done with a brush, roll or spray however, there must be a thick white coat of product on the surface for it to work. Once the white film begins to turn black, this is an indicator that the rust conversion has begun.

Prior to applying a top coat, wait 24 hours. Appling regular paint on top of Corroseal will not affect the vibrancy of the colour.

See Corroseal Rust Converting Primer in action!