What’s the importance of having a clean hotel?

Why should you offer a clean hotel environment?

We all know the importance of keeping a clean environment and we’re sure that you all do so, but besides the health benefits, what does it mean to keep a hotel clean? Is it purely for health reasons or is it a benefit to your company and customers as a whole to have a clean environment?

According to research, almost 70% of hotel guests rank hygiene and cleanliness the most important factors when it comes to choosing a hotel, as well as making recommendations to friends, family and colleagues.

A clean hotel room is important to have
A clean hotel room is important to have

The research was completed throughout Europe, asking people what they think is most important for accommodation to have and given they received good or bad service, how they would go about it. The results shows that customers will now make their decision on staying at a hotel using online rating sites like Expedia and Trip Advisor, as this will rate their levels of hygiene, staff service, overall hotel condition and overall satisfaction, amongst others.

Guests thought that the general cleanliness and appearance of both the bedroom and bathroom of their hotel room were the most critical areas in which their opinion would be formed.

In the bedroom, three main factors stood out: clean linen, absence of bad odours/smells and no evidence of the previous guests. The bathroom side of things concentrated on the cleanliness of the toilet seat, as over three quarters of those asked believed it was incredibly important. Almost half believed that the cleanliness of the toilet seat was the most important part of the bathroom regime.

Overall, a massive 46% said that they believe review sites are the most important information source when it comes to choosing accommodation and an additional 28% believe that personal recommendations are the biggest influence on their accommodation choices.

So, now do you see the full benefits of having a clean hotel? A clean environment is what customers crave and we can help through the supply of our hotel cleaning products!

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Hotel Germs, where to find and clean

Hotel rooms are meant to be the one escape from home without all the worries of things such as mess, clutter, cleanliness however, hotel rooms can actually house unexpected germs, including bacteria and viruses which are not welcome guests.

Due to the ever high rates of cleanliness hotels must keep it’s important at all times to clean the obvious which can sometimes be forgotten… not only this, but to also use the correct hotel chemical products whilst cleaning.

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