Why need breathing air analysis?

Case Chemicals have dedicated this blog to breathing air analysis and why it is needed.

Any person that is using breathing air through a range of respiratory apparatus should know that the quality of that compressed air is up to standard with the current breathing air requirement placed in EN 12012:1998.

The European standard does specify what is asked for the quality of compressed air supplied that is used in the below equipment:

– Respiratory protective devices: self-contained open circuit compressed breathing apparatus, otherwise known as a SCBA along with an open circuit compressed underwater breathing apparatus, or SCUBA
– Respiratory productive devices: compressed air line breathing apparatus and compressed airline breathing apparatues to be used under water
– Respiratory protective devices for escaping: self contained open circuit compressed air breathing apparatus which will also have a face mask or mouthpieces assembly, or hoods.

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The chemical industry is made up of the companies that produce chemicals for industrial use.

Chemicals have been produced and used all through history, the birth of the heavy chemical industry, essentially the production of chemicals in large quantities for a variety of uses, concurred with the start of the industrial revolution in general.

Case Chemicals provide a variety of chemicals including hotel, industrial, marine, swimming pool and transport chemicals. We also provide chemical analysis and breathing air analysis to ensure your environment is safe.

Our hotel and leisure chemicals have uses for:

– The kitchen
– Housekeeping
– Janitorial/hygiene

Our industrial chemicals can be used for purposes such as:

– Descalers
– Degreasers
– Decarboniser/paint strippers
– Janitorial/hygiene

Our marine chemicals are compatible to use for cleaning:

– The deck
– Engine Room
– Water & sewage (as a treatment)
– Rooms (housecleaning purposes)
– General (janitorial/hygiene)

Our swimming pool chemicals range include:

– Swimming pool sanitiser chemicals
– Pool balancing chemicals
– Swimming pool clarifiers
– Pool algaecide
– Specialty produces and cleaning range (further details on the website)

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