Swimming pool care: algae

Swimming Pool Chemicals

There is the possibility that your pool will acquire algae after a period of time.

The algae that pool owners need to watch out for is cyanobacteria, commonly referred to as blue-green algae.

The plant-cross-bacteria can blow into a pool and multiply at an advanced rate: a pool could be perfectly clear one day and the next, have a murky tint that resembles that of a pond.

Algae can be killed with chlorine, however, on some occasions the algae growth can be so severe that it is growing quicker than the chlorine is able to eradicate it.

There are algicides available, those falling into three different types: those with copper based compounds, quaternary ammonium compounds and polymeric quaternary ammonium compounds – the last two are often shortened to Quats and PolyQuats.

An extremely effective killer of algae is copper and will often be held in a complex of other chemicals so it can then be released to kill the algae.

After you have killed the algae, be sure to filter out the pool using clarifiers.

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