Storing Cleaning Chemicals Safely

No matter whether you are working in a business environment that requires certain cleaning chemicals, or are using them at home, it is vital to think safety first with regards to chemicals.

Case Chemicals recommend following the below steps that can be taken into action for the correct safe storage of cleaning chemicals.

  1. Do not store chemicals near consumables, areas where food is stored or near any tools that will come into contact with food. Leave a few feet distance between chemicals and food, preferably in a designated area for cleaning products and other chemicals.
  2. Do not leave chemicals near or on an area when food is prepared including counter tops and stoves.
  3. Avoid storing chemicals above food prep areas.
  4. Store chemicals in their original packaging with labels and ensure the lids are tightened.
  5. Don’t use pitchers, food containers, drinking cups etc to store, transport or mix chemicals.
  6. Always, always, always read the instructions on any label prior to using a chemical product.
  7. Use visual reminders about chemical safety precautions for your employees.
  8. When using spray chemicals, make sure you are spraying away from.
  9. Do not mix chemicals.
  10. Always wear protective gear: goggles, gloves, clothing etc.