Hotel Germs, where to find and clean

Hotel rooms are meant to be the one escape from home without all the worries of things such as mess, clutter, cleanliness however, hotel rooms can actually house unexpected germs, including bacteria and viruses which are not welcome guests.

Due to the ever high rates of cleanliness hotels must keep it’s important at all times to clean the obvious which can sometimes be forgotten… not only this, but to also use the correct hotel chemical products whilst cleaning.

Hotel Germs you sometimes forget

Some of these places are the most obvious places but a lot of cleaners can sometimes forget, it’s essential to clean where possible but to also use the right chemical cleaners such as anti-bacterial surface cleaners, bleach,┬ádeodorisers and even┬áBiological cleaners.

1. Remote Controls – We use it every day yet it’s common to forget to clean it, so do many other people. With the amount of rubber surfaces and little buttons this is a prime place for bacteria to hide.

2. Telephones – People may be picking up more than just messages when using the telephone as this is also a common place which isn’t cleaned. Even the use of alcohol wipes and hand sanitiser wipes can be useful to combat the bacteria.

3. Coffee Makers – They help wake you up and can be found in most hotels but even these can host loads of germs, bleach and chemical cleaners can help eliminate any bacteria trying to hide in coffee makers.

4. Bathroom floors and counters – It’s known that bathrooms are cleaned majority of the time however, the chemical cleaning products used to clean hotel bathrooms can cause cross contamination or sometimes just ain’t up for the job.


These are the top 4 main places hotel cleaners can often forget which hold loads of dangerous germs, It’s essential that Hotels are using the right chemical cleaning products when cleaning to eliminate germs more efficiently and the right way.