Caring for a Range of Swimming Pool Problems

There may be times where you encounter water and surface problems with your swimming pool

Be sure to check that the pool water is correctly balanced prior to treating it with any corrective chemicals.

Surface problems

Scale buildup – a build up of sandpaper-like film on the surface which is often has a grey/tan colouration and is difficult to brush away.

This could be a cause of improper water balance – high TA (total alkalinity)pH and/or CH (calcium hardness).

A solution to this could be to either give it an acid wash, balance the water, or metal out of stain out.

Etching – pitting of plaster surfaces.

The cause for this is similar to that of what would cause scale buildup. The solution to this would be to balance the water or replace the plaster surface.

Liner wrinkling – wrinkles in a vinyl liner.

Again, this is thought to be the cause of improper water balance. The solution to this is to balance the water and, if necessary, replace the liner.

Other problems

Foaming – bubbles form on the pool surface.

This is can either be the cause of excessive algaecide or a foreign substance.

Tackle this problem with a defoamer, by using Algaecide or, if you can, identifying the source and partially draining it if necessary.

Green hair – can cause blonde hair to turn green after swimming.

This is often the cause of copper. To solve this problem, you can use lemon juice or vinegar in the hair to remove the colour.

Rain – rain washing debris in the pool, not only causing the water level to rise but increasing the demand to be sanitised.

You can either shock the pool or rebalance the water after circulating it for 24 hours.